Closet detox


Step 1: Closet evaluation

Your Closet Detox begins with an in-depth closet evaluation. This is a relaxing and fun experience, where I go through each item in your closet to assess if it is line with your style goals, as discussed during your consultation. You will try on your existing pieces as needed and I'll offer expert suggestions on styling & fit,  while simultaneously separating out what you're keeping, getting altered and what doesn't quite make the cut.

STEP 2: organization

I organize your existing wardrobe by style, color and the custom method chosen during our consultation together.

Once I've worked my magic, your closet will no longer be a stressful place where you just toss your clothes at the end of the work day. You'll have more space, clearly see what you have and be able to put together outfits with ease.

STEP 3: Style list

Now that we both know exactly what you have in your closet, I suggest additional pieces to invest in. I create a custom shopping list of items that will give your wardrobe more versatility and further enhance your style.


Total Investment: *starting at $500