Styling Services


Wardrobe Refresh

Sometimes you need to add a little spice to your wardrobe. After a thorough review of your closet, Charae will go to the best stores & boutiques that align with your style and pre-select items for you to try on. Upon your arrival, you will try-on your styled outfits and learn how to mix and match pieces for maximum wardrobe versatility.


Wardrobe Makeover

When you need more that just a few new pieces, a wardrobe makeover is the way to go. First, Charae will organize your closet and assess what should go and what stays. Afterwards, she will curate a shopping list of items to complete and enhance your style. Then the real fun begins! Charae will shop and deliver your new clothes right to your home. As you try on your new pieces, Charae will create head-to-toe outfits and give you tips on how to mix in pieces with your existing wardrobe.

image consultant styled by charae

Monthly Wardrobe Management

Never worry about what to wear, what to shop for or if you're staying true to your style. Each month, Charae will ensure your wardrobe remains organized, in-season and on target with your style. Plus she'll create outfits for you each month and upload them to your virtual closet, which you can access from any mobile device 24/7.  


Closet Services


Closet Detox

No one likes a messy closet, you can't find what you need and don't know what you have.  During a closet detox, Charae thoroughly goes thru each item in your closet and recommends items to part ways with, based on your style and goals for your wardrobe. Afterwards, your remaining clothes and accessories are organized by color & style. Now you'll be able to see clearly what you have and what you need. You may even discover some new pieces you forgot you had! 



I needed a big wardrobe update (in my eyes) for an upcoming trip for work. Charae helped me complete the exact update I was looking for in about an hour and half worth of shopping and trying on different items, all within budget. Being a guy, I never thought I would need a stylist since jeans and a polo always did the trick. Charae made sure everything fit just right, helped me with my tailoring process, and had my outfits put together for me for my trip. Thanks to Styled By Charae I know I am going to look good, feel good, and make some damn good impressions!
— Tyler F., Regional Manager
Charae provided a professional, fun experience. She was attentive and had obviously researched my style. The items she picked out and/ or suggested were awesome. The overall experience exceeded my expectations and I definitely will utilize her in the near future. I highly recommend that you experience the Styled by Charae experience. She will not disappoint.
— LaTanya W., Business Owner
Amazing experience from start to finish. Charae has an impeccable sense of fashion. Im attending a wedding in a couple of weeks and wanted to find the perfect dress.I fell in love with each item she selected. She took the time to take pictures of each dress and talked me through which pieces worked best for me. Im obsessed with the professionalism and customer service Charae offered. Super excited to get dressed up for this wedding!!!! Thanks Charae!
— Tasheka P., DDS