style Makeover

Have you gone through a major life or career change? Is your wardrobe outdated? Do you find yourself wearing the same thing over and over again? It's time for a style makeover.


Step 1: Closet detox

Your Style Makeover begins with a closet detox. During the detox, I will assess each item in your closet to make sure it is line with your style goals, per your consultation. You'll have the opportunity to try on items as needed and I'll offer expert suggestions on styling & fit,  while simultaneously separating out what you're keeping, getting altered and what doesn't quite make the cut.

Next, while you relax or catch up on household chores, I will organize your wardrobe by style and color. If you chose a custom method during your consultation, that will be implemented as well.

Once I've worked my magic, your closet will be an organized haven for your wardrobe. Not only will you have more space but you'll also clearly see what you have and easy access to the items you need, when you need them. Putting outfits together and packing for business trips will now be more efficient as well.  

During this time, I will also create a shopping list of needed items for our In-Store Style Session together.

STEP 2: In-store style session

Taking the list that was created during your Closet Detox, I will go pre-shopping for you. Pre-shopping consists of me going to select stores and pulling pieces for you to try on. You never have to worry about shopping through racks of clothes. Instead, you simply meet me at the store(s), and head straight to the fitting room.

When you enter the fitting room, there will be styled outfits awaiting for you to try on. I will walk you through each outfit and give style direction along the way. Together, we decide which items best flatter your figure and enhance your style. Those items are purchased and added into your existing wardrobe. At the end of our shopping trip, you will have new clothing, shoes and accessories that allow you to achieve your desired style and maximize your wardrobe.

STEP 3: Outfitting

You've invested into some new stylish pieces, now what?! We'll meet back in your closet where I will put together dozens of outfits for you, using your new and existing wardrobe. Each outfit is uploaded into a digital interactive app, which you can access 24/7 from your desktop, phone or tablet. 

Your digital closet will catalog every piece in your wardrobe and include a section of all your outfits, for very occasion, and section of additional suggested purchases. You will never have to think twice about what to wear or purchase.

Step 4: Style Support

Styling questions and fashion emergencies are inevitable. Receive a month of ongoing style support from me, via email, text, or the digital interactive app.


Total Investment: $1,150 

(doesn't include the cost of your clothing purchases)